Green Candle
Green String(approx. 10 inches)
Fireproof surface(such as metal counter top, plate, piece of foil)


An easy luck spell for a new witch.

Spell Casting

Find a quiet place to perform your spell. Invoke your dieties. Use your knife to carve the word "LUCK" on the side of your candle, then light the candle.

Take your green string and tie as many knots as you can in it. Imagine that all of your bad luck is being woven into each individual knot, each each knot represents a piece of your life.

Once you are done knotting up your string, recite the words below while burning the knots in the candle flame(you can watch it burn on a plate if you wish).

"I release you from my soul,
I release you as a whole.
As the flame burns you out,
I will have no reason to doubt.
That my luck will surely be,
Filled with positivity.
So mote it be."

Let the candle burn down. Bury the remainder of the string off of your property.
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