Elements Wings Potion


Downy feather
Primary feather
Rain water


A potion to get wings. Mail me with any results or questions.

Spell Casting

1. Place element items in pot filled quarter way with water. Say:

Earth, you bind my to the ground
Please give me a place to rest
Water, you are the blood in my veins
Please let my wings be unaffected by you
Fire, you are the warmth in my body
Please give me thermals to fly on
Air, you are my every breath
Please grant me wings of your birds
I ask all of the goddess's elements to work as one
Give me wings that I dream of
Let me fly, day and night
Help me so I can help more people
Give me wings to fly

2. Boil water then place primary feather on top of water

3. Wait until all ingredients evaporate or disintegrate except symbol and feathers

4. Dry primary feather (blow drier)

5. Fill perfume bottle with potion

6. Make necklace with primary feather and symbol bracelet

7. Wear symbol until getting wings

8. Wear feather forever
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