Moon Phases Wings Spell


A candle for color of wings
Begin on full moon


A fairly simple spell to grow wings. Takes all month to complete the spell. The candle will have to be really big because it will have to burn for a month. This spell came to me in a dream.

Spell Casting

1. Read everything first!!

2. On night of full moon, light candle and say:

By the power of the full moon, give me wings color of (candle) and covered with (scales, feathers)

3. Leave candle lit, wait until waning moon.

4. On night of waning moon (half and half), say:

Oh moon reduced by half, reduce my weight so I can fly.

5. Blow on candle just a little, keeping it lit. Wait until new moon.

6. On night of new moon, say;

Oh moon hidden amongst the stars, release me from my ties to gravity.

7. Blow on candle again. Keep it lit. Wait until waxing moon (half and half).

8. On night of waxing moon, say:

Oh moon growing bright, give me strength and spped to help me fly.

Blow out candle completely.
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