Renew Love


Red candle (fire)
Green candle (earth)
Yellow candle (air)
Blue candle (water)
Optional: cinnamon incense


This is a spell that will renew love and passion within your relationship.

Spell Casting

I have made a wrong with my love
Without him, my life is nothing
I beg of you
Please get him to return my love
And bring him back to me
I call upon your elements to assist me
Earth, you are strong and sturdy
Bring stability into our relationship
Water, you are ever changing and emotional
Bring back his feeling for me
Fire, you are hot and passionate
Bring true passion into our relationship
Air, you are wise and knowledgeable
Bring the knowledge of our love to our relationship
Spirit, you are my soul and life
Bring my soulmate back to me
Elements, I release you and your magicks to do my bidding
Merry meet and merry part"

Light five candles (color for each element) and get cinnamon incense if possible. Say words above. End by blowing out candles in order that you welcomed them
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