This spell will make you a Neko. This spell might take a while depending on who you are. The ears and tail will not be permanent.

Spell Casting

Say this spell 2-6 times daily until it works:

"Make me a Neko to frolic and play with a (color) tail and (color) ears. I want my tail to be (length) and want it to be (fluffiness).

It's okay if you miss a day. You can make it up by saying the spell more in one day.

SIDE EFFECTS (when the spell works):

Craving milk or fish
Purring when feeling happy, comfortable, etc.
Better balance
Landing on your feet when falling from any altitude
Able to climb up trees
Sometimes scratching things soft and fluffy

Your ears and tail will appear when you:
-Are embarrassed
-Are excited
-Want them to appear

Note: The spell works depending on who you are. Some people might be lucky and get their ears and tail in as little as a day! And you HAVE to believe the spell will work, otherwise it won't work.

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