Temporary Dragon Soul


5 sticks of "Dragon's Blood" incense
5 straight up style incense burners
(optional) dragon related items


A simple spell to evoke a dragon's soul for an hour or two.

Spell Casting

First, draw a pentacle on the floor with the chalk. Then, set the incense in the triangle made by each point.

Next, light each stick in the same pattern you drew the pentacle. Be careful with fire and burning objects. Sit in the center of the pentacle and meditate (focus on the dragon item(s) if you decided to use them) until your mind is clear of everything except dragons.

When all of the incense sticks have burned out, say the following either out loud or in your head:

"Hide of scale, breath of fire,
I need now in this hour dire,
Not too much, just a bit,
To borrow your power,
Strength, and wit,
With flame in my heart,
And gold in my eyes,
I wish to be one
With the reptile who flies,
I ask not for wings,
Nor scales, nor claws,
Not for horns,
Nor fangs in my jaws,
Only for the next small while,
I ask for knowledge,
Strength, and guile,
Brain and muscle
And eyes and snout,
These are the the things
I want to bring out,
Let me be as a dragon,
Just for a small time,
Let me be as a dragon,
By the end of this rhyme."

When you've finished, you should start to feel a little bit stronger and have better sight and smell senses. Thinking should also feel a bit clearer and more advanced than usual.

For strongest effect, perform in the high noon sun and stay in sunlight to keep warm and avoid getting sluggish. No enhancement is without some ill effect, and this is what I've felt from this.

The effects of this spell can come in handy for a multitude of things from simple games of hide and seek to preparing to study or take a test to physical labor like carpentry or masonry work.

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