Misfortune Jar


Small wide-mouthed jar (pickle or relish jar, etc)
Small lemon
Nails or staples (or other sharp metal objects)
5 to 10 whole small VERY hot peppers
Vinegar (about 1 to 1 1/2 cups)
Paperclips or metal wire
Black pen
Athame (really any knife will do)
Black Salt
Goofer Dust


A jar spell to sour the attempts of someone trying to cause you physical or emotional harm. It traps their soul in a jar and causes them to feel the pain they have caused you until you decide to open the jar and end the spell, it also causes them to poop a lot as well.

Spell Casting

Recipe for Black Salt:
-2 to 3 Tablespoons Sea Salt
-Burnt wood/charcoal from a campfire you started yourself
-Mortar and pestle
Combine all of the salt and 4 to 5 chunks of the charcoal that are about the size of your pinkie finger nail to the mortar and pestle. Crush/mix salt and charcoal together, adding more small chunks of charcoal until the desired shade of black is reached.

Recipe for Goofer Dust:
Combine equal amounts of the following spices (I usually use a teaspoon of each)(the spices need to be in powder/ground form):
-Ground sage
-Ground nutmeg
-Ground cinnamon
-Ground cloves
-Chili powder
-Ground red pepper
-Black pepper
-Lemon pepper
-Garlic powder, garlic salt, or garlic pepper

Casting Instructions for misfortune for those who have caused you pain.

It is best to start this spell in the morning, and finish when its dark at night.


Put the vinegar in the jar. Add the staples/nails. Cut the hot peppers in half, but leave the seeds intact. Put the peppers in the jar of vinegar. Add about 1/2 teaspoon of black salt and goofer dust. Shake the jar and cap the jar. Let sit for at least 6 hours.

P.M. Actual Casting

After at least 6 hours, open the jar. Take the lemon and slice it length- and width-wise. creating a "plus sign" in the lemon, but do not count all the way through the lemon! Make sure you only cut about 2/3 into it. Write the name of the person who has caused you or your loved one(s) physical or emotional pain on a small slip of paper with the black pen. Fold the paper until it is the size of a nickle, with the name of your enemy facing inward so it is not visible. Place the piece of paper with your enemy's name on it inside the cuts on the lemon. Take the metal wire to "pin" the edges of the cuts in the lemon together, to ensure the piece of paper with the name on it stays in the lemon (if using paper clips, straighten them out first-it helps to slightly curve the wire or straightened paper clips). Place the lemon in the jar with the vinegar, hot peppers, and nails/staples. Put 1 teaspoon each of the black salt and goofer dust in on top of the lemon. Cap the jar and shake the jar to combine the ingrediaents. While shaking the jar, chant the following:


"I call upon the forces near and far,
I call upon the God of the Great Star.
Bring punishment to the one(s) who have caused me (or insert name of
loved one(s)) pain,
May over their head pour a bitter sour burning razor-sharp rain.
Let them see and feel what they have done,
For them let there be no sun.
Their soul will forever be trapped in this jar,
And no more lives will they be able to mar!"


This spell can be used against more then one person. If you want to make the spell more personal, use the name of the enemies instead of saying the one(s). example-"bring punishment to "Mary" who has done me wrong. You can also use the names of the person/people that were hurt. example-Bring punishment to the one(s) that have cause "Sally" pain". You can also use the name of the enemy/enemies along with the name of the person/people that were hurt. example- "Bring punishment to "Mary" who has done "Sally" wrong".

Please message me if this works. It's the first spell I have ever written. Its a combination of a binding spell, war water, and a verbal misfortune spell. Any feedback would be great! Thanks

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