Don't you love me?


DNA from both lovers (hair, dead skin, etc)
A feather
An envelope
A paper heart that's 1 in. tall (boys)
Lipstick (girls)


Have you ever had that one crush that's hard to read? The one that could go either way? Well, with this spell, you might just get to see. Don't blame me if it doesn't work, it's hard to preform.

Spell Casting

Take the DNA and place it in the envelope. Take the feather and place it in as well. Now chant: "My love is true, so are you!" ten times. If your a boy, stick the paper heart onto envelope. If your a girl, put on the lipstick and leave it be for 8 days. On day 9, check your envelope. If the heart is wrinkled and ruined, then she doesn't like you. If the lipstick is gone/ almost gone, he doesn't like you.

Luck to all!!!
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