Black Curse


1 black candle
One of the enemies belongings
Boiling water
A heatproof jug or bowl


This spell will cause the enemy to be very vicious and if you want it to go even farther even death.

Spell Casting

Place the black candle in the middle of your magic space or altar then put some boiling hot water in a jug or bowl (preferably storm water but any will do). Put the belonging of the person into the hot water and chant over it with the candle still lit:

"I conjure thee the black curse, as I turn him/her into a purse, I do this for a reason, please do not please em"

Now concentrate on what you want to happen to the person and concentrate on who you want to do it on. Open your arms and release your energy once you can feel it leave you have completed the curse

Do this spell on the full moon, it has 3x more power on a total lunar eclipse but the full moon will do, bless it be.
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