Meditation Spell





Alone in a dark room


If you are stressed out and you need to relax, this spell will put your mind at ease.

Spell Casting

Lay down on a flat and comfortable surface.

Breathe in until you slowly count to four and then breathe out until you count to four. (Repeat or if uncomfortable, breathe at own pace. I however prefer to have a steady breathing rate).

Imagine a tiny green ball of light in the core of your body (in your abdomen area). With every breath you inhale it gets bigger, but with every breath you exhale, it gets smaller.

Imagine that every time you inhale (ball still growing) you feel your stress growing and then when you exhale (ball still shrinking)you feel the stress getting pushed out of your body.

With each and every breath you take, the stress is becoming less and less. Imagine your negativity leaking out of your fingers and toes until your mind is empty of all stress.
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