Werewolf Spell


Moon ( ay moon , but full is better ! )


Spell for werewolf You will have to say the spell times !

Spell Casting

First you meditate for a while . About what you wanna look like as wolf , and believe its gonna work .
Then chant this 10 times under a moon :

By the light of the moon and our piercing howls , we are further transformed into cunning beasts . From the circle of life to the evolution of man, i shall be reaweakend as one with he land .

That night u should have a dream about a wolf , Remember that wolf . Its you . In your wolf form !

Possible side-effects :

- Alot LESS anger control
-stomach aches
- tooth aches
- Blurry vision
- Hunger , right after eating
-Urge to howle
- Eyecolor changing
-Sharper teeth
-Better sense of smell
-head aches
-Bone aches
-Back pain

And .... Believe ! ( if you dont believe it will not work . And if you dont believe , what are you doing here ?! )
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