Dragon Power




A spell to summon the power of a dragon.

Spell Casting

Put your hands 2-3 inches apart, and decide which dragon you will use.

Picture a small flame between your hands and say in a deep and fierce voice "Rise with a mighty blaze, burning dragon of the searing flame!" the small flame should burst into a
roaring fire.

Picture a small pool of water in your hands and say in a calm and strong voice "Rise with the tsunami, serpent Dragon of the roaring tides!"The power should burst and cover your hands and/or arms in water.

Picture a rock of power in your hands an say in a deep monotone "Rise with a tremor, stone Dragon of the trembling Earth!"The power should then burst and cover your entire body just above your skin.

Picture a small breeze in your hands and say in a gentle and calm voice " Rise with a howl, Feathered Dragon of the whispering winds!"the power should then burst into a hurricane force.

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