Drawing Money


Full or new moon
3 Green candles (optional.If you want to use white candles,thats okay.)
Know how much money you need/want
Bowl of water


I don't know if this spell actually works, but I'm going to try it. Message me if it works. No nasty messages please! Thankyou.

Spell Casting

1.Imprint on candles:

Volo habere pecuniam.

2.Light 1st candle.
3.Write on paper these things:

name,how much money you need/want,why you need/want the money, and when you need/want the money(if you need it by a certain date)

4.Light 2nd candle.
5.Say as many times as needed:

Dico hanc per ter ter incantatores,
Addens in omni potestate cantum
Ter tribus quaero,
Nam ego quidem vellem dare pecuniam.
Cum nulli noceat,
Eaque non potest converterent
Neque locus super me maledictionem,
Sic fiat!

6.As chant dip the paper in the bowl of water each time you chant. When you dip the paper, let it dissolve in the water.
7.Light 3rd candle
8.When the paper is completly dissolved in the water,go outside and pour the water out.
9.When your done say:

Gratias dea felicitas

10.Meditate while letting the candles burn.

You can burn some incense too. Once again, I don't know if this spell works so no nasty messages please. I will soon be trying this spell though.

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