A Fairy for Your Garden


A smooth piece of rock
Your garden
Crumbs of cookie or cake
One doll size cup of root beer (fairy ale)
Candle (type used on birthday cakes)


If you have a garden, you can call fairies of the garden for help and give blessings to your garden. I got this spell from www.pookapages.com.

Spell Casting

Write these words on a smooth rock:

"Fairies flitting to and fro
Bless this garden
Help it grow".

Place the rock in your garden. Put a few crumbs of cookies or cake in your garden. And put the doll size cup of root beer (fairy ale) beside the rock as an offering. Light the candle as it type used on birthday cakes. Drip a bit of melted wax on the rock to stick the candle on with.

Repeat the words on your mouth and toss a bit of gold glitter in the air. (a bit embarrassing but you are doing it in your garden alone so don't worry.) Sit with the candle until it goes out. If you are very still and very quiet, you may glimpse a fairy peeking at you between some leaves or behind a flower!

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