Aid of Abaddon


Ones own blood
Symbols of war, wisdom, abaddon


This spell is the most power full wiccan spell ever written. It is used to summon Abaddon the great demon.

Spell Casting

First create an altar and put the following

  • symbols of war-sword etc
  • symbols of wisdom /advice
  • statue of a warrior to represent Abaddon
  • Abaddon's sigil

Ater all this done chant the following:

"Lord abaddon chief of demons
Destroying angel of the apocalyspe
Prince of war,bringer of rain
God in your own right
I want to learn more of your ancient wisdom
And gain from your advice as it can never lead me wrong
My great advisor keeper of fire
I request the honour of your presence
Join me here at this time"

Abaddon protection(optional)
During the time of danger imagine abaddons element fire encircling your body like an aura. Then feel its heat its power and then push the flame towards the thing that is troubling you. See it retreating from you and becoming stronger and stronger
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