Herbal Mixture for Mental Magic Enhancement


9 Bay Leaves
Dill or Ground Dill Weed
Dried Dandelion Roots (2-)
Burned 1 inch tip of any incense stick


This herbal concoction will enhance all magical workings involving the mind. It can be ingested (tea) or burned and inhaled (incense inhalation)

Spell Casting

Measurements do not matter for this "potion". Take 9 bay leaves, Thyme, Parsley, Dill and grind/ blend these together until it is a powdery mix. You can add this mixture to tea and drink it. Or you could burn this concoction and meditate while inhaling the fumes.

If you add the aforementioned optional ingredients, I do not suggest ingesting the mixture. I suggest burning it and meditating inside of the fumes.

Do this before any magical working involving your mind or the mind of your victim. You can do it in small doses as a pre-cursor to every spell. Or in larger doses as an overall psychic enhancement.

No matter how large the dose, only use 9, 17, 81, or 153 bay leaves.

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