Be Beautiful/Handsome


A mirror


This spell is very powerful but can be made by anyone who desire from my will! You dont need to have magical skills to do it!

Spell Casting

Take the mirror and set in on a table in a dark room, light up a candle and set it in front of the mirror. Sit how you wish as long you can be relaxed. Look in the flame and concentrate over it for 30 second while you have to remove your thoughts. Look in the mirror and look at your face for 10 seconds, after that start to say while you are lookig in the mirror this simple incantation :

"Flame and mirror become one
Make me become beautiful/handsome
In my and others eyes
With your pure energy
Recharge my hearth, soul and body,
So I can be seen beautiful/handsome by everybody!
Starting now I am beautiful/handsome
Like I always wanted!
I am beautiful/handsome" (3 times)

Do this 7 times in a week, at night is more better because is more dark and the light from the flame becomes brighter. You have to do this 7 times in a week, so once per day, because makeing this for a week you will let your body and your energy to combine and to make your wish come true!
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