Nyx Astral Projection


Night time or in a dark, shadowy place


An incantation that calls on the Ancient Greek Goddess of the Night, Nyx. She will take you in her shadow and guide you through the astral plane.

Spell Casting

At night or in a dark room, meditate as you lie down for as long as you see fit. Become one with the dark yet benevolent energy in the room. Close your eyes and,
Recite this incantation:
NYX. Mother of Hypnos and Thanatos. Born of Chaos.
Stand at my side now as you stood at the beginning of creation.
Take me in your black mist on this night.

Now open your eyes and imagine a woman dressed in black stepping from the corners of the room or coming from the darkness. Do not be offended if she barely reveals herself. Even the best have only seen her in glimpses.

Once you sense her presence,
Recite this incantation:
Ectar lecronon.
Take me on your shadowy flight on this night.

Do all of this while going through your normal astral projection rituals.

Happy traveling (:
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