Transmutate Vitae


Blood or hair of the new vessel
Blood of the caster
A bowl


Transfer your life energy into a new vessel. Can be used to possess an unwilling vessel. If overpowered by the unwilling vessel's mind your soul will be lost

Spell Casting

Place a cirlce of sand on a surface. Place the bowl within the circle and add the oil into it. Have a source of fire nearby. Place the blood or hair of the vessel within the bowl and chant: "Essentiam meam transferrum in hoc vase"

Next add your own blood into the bowl and chant: "Liga animam meam ad mortalis huius in perpetuum, Sic fiat"

Then set fire to the contents. Should your mortal body be struck down by anything your sould will be pulled into your new vessel's body by the chains of your magic
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