Morph into a Faerie-Ritual


Alot of candles(your choice of color)
something corresponding with the element of faerie you want to be
Picture in your mind of what kind of wings you want
Belief-tons of it,its what sustains the spell


I have not tried this spell yet,so no mean messages.If it works! Feel free to change anything in the spell to make it stronger.If it works, email me if you changed anything, tell me what you changed.

Spell Casting

A.Prepare for the the ritual by cleansing the area and your body.
B.Carve into the candles:I will be a faerie.

1.Ground.(touch the ground and imagine the energy of the earth steadying your own energy)
2.Imagine you as your picture.Pick up your thing that stands for your type of faerie.Say (as many times as seems neccessary):
Gods and Goddesses here my plea,
Make me a magical faerie
With the power of (your element)
This is my will,
So mote it be.
3.Breath deeply for a few minutes.
The magick is done,
With harm to none,
So mote it be!!

Time of metamorphosis varies for each person.
For more strength,translate speach into another language.

Side Effects:
back aching where wings will grow
skin changes color and becomes softer
wanting to be outside more
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