You will need

A pink candle -- anything from a 4" or 6" altar light to a fully prepared and dressed glass-encased Intranquility vigil light
Dressing oils -- either
1) Intranquility Oil or
(2) a mixture of equal parts Intranquility Oil and Commanding Oil, plus any 1 of the following: Return To Me Oil Reconciliation Oil, Follow Me Boy Oil, or
(3) a mixture of equal parts Restless Oil and Follow Me Boy Oil
A Crucifix -- which can be on a rosary, or a Cross of Caravaca amulet or a Crucifix Knife or any piece of cross jewelry you like -- or even an impromptu piece made from two crossed sticks bound together.


The Prayer of Intranquility is used -- especially in Latin American folk-magic -- to make a former lover unable to rest until he or she returns. Consider, though, when you do this, that if the person does come back, the two of you will not have the same kind of happy, innocent, loving relationship you did at the beginning. This is a prayer or spell that forces your ex-lover to act according to your will, which is not kindly on your part. That having been said, here is a typical Latin American Intranquility Prayer:

Spell Casting

Dress the pink candle with the anointing oils and light it. Hold the lighted candle in one hand and a crucifix in the other hand as you recite the following:

O, Intranquil Spirit, 
you that in Hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven, 
hear me, o, hear me.

I want you to grasp the five senses of [name of lover] 
and do not let [him/her] rest in peace, 
neither seated nor standing, 
        waking nor sleeping,
that [he/she] should think only of 
   seeing me, 
   smelling me, 
   hearing me,
   tasting me, 
   and touching me, 
that [he/she] should find [himself/herself] 
as desperate as the waters of the seas 
and as torn as the wind in the storm 
until [he/she] returns to me, 

that [he/she] should run and run 
until [he/she] humbly falls at my feet 
because nobody will help [him/her], 

and that neither a divorced [woman/man] 
         nor a married [woman/man], 
         a [widow/widower], 
         nor a virgin [woman/man],
shall ever love [him/her], 
but only me and me alone.

[Name of lover], 
i conjure you 
before the cross and God Almighty, 
that you are to run after me 
        as the living run after the cross 
        and the dead run after the light.
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