Samhain Rite


A personal possession
A purple candle
A small wicker basket
A bell


A celtic rite to let go of the troubles and sadness of the past year.

Spell Casting

The personnel possession should embody all that you wish to cast aside, in order so that you may start afresh. On the first hour of November 1st, light the purple candle, and place the unwanted possession in the basket. Seal the lid with a little candle wax. Hold the basket, concentrate on the glow of the candle, ring the bell 3 times and chant:
"Spirits on this special night, collect my past and hear my plight, I mean no harm but do entreat, a future blossoming and sweet."

Repeat this 3 times, ringing the bell between the chants. Then next morning take the basket and bury it.
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