Reverse Your Vampire Curse


1 black candle
1 blue candle
1 magenta candle
1 silver candle


This spell can reverse vampirism.

Spell Casting

Put the candles in the shape of a square and sit inside of it. Light the black candle and say, "black candle, ground this negative vampire energy inside of me."

Light the blue candle and say, "blue candle, heal me from the horrible truth that I am. Give me inspiration and high wisdom when I come in contact with other vampires. Give me occult power, psychic protection, understanding, good health, and the feminine principle in nature."

Light the magenta candle and say, "magenta candle, energize this ritual, because I need immediate a high level of spiritual healing is needed quickly."

Light the silver candle and say, "silver candle, give me clairvoyance, astral energies, channeling, long term memory, and the remembrance of past lives."

Lastly, close your eyes and say, "amen."
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