Beautiful Werewolf


Pink Flower
Filtered water
Strand of your hair


I got this idea from the spell, "Ugly Werewolf Spell: For You and Others." But, this spell is the opposite.

Spell Casting

First, get the pink flower, lilacs, a strand of your hair, and basil, if you used basil. Next, put them in the water and wait 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, take out the flowers, basil(if used), and your hair and put it on yourself as if it was lotion.

Then, every day, for 2 days for 2 minutes, think of calming thoughts and meditate and be calm. Then, eat/drink 1 healthy food every day for a week. After the week passes,say on the final day, "I want to be so beautiful, it will be a miracle. I want the guys to look at me and say, hey, look at her! I want to go out with her!"
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