Invisibility Spell


A smooth stone
A black candle
A white candle
A mind
A voice


This spell makes you unable to be seen in a room of people or just 1 or 2 people.

Spell Casting

Hold the smooth stone in both hands, imagine that energy is flowing from your head down until it reaches the stone in your hand. The stone will now be charged with energy if you did it right. Now chant "goddess of moon and light grant me your might so I may become unseen." Then light the black candle(only) while still holding the rock, you can never let the rock touch the floor. Repeat what you were chanting before. When you are done chanting then light the white candle. Still, do not let the stone touch the ground. This time chant the same thing but end it with "so mote it be." Hopefully this spell works, if it doesn't work then I'm sorry.
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