To Bind Someone From Doing Harm To You


A glass Jar (Small)


This spell is to bind someone from doingh harm, such as emotional or physical. Bullying and or beating. This spell is not very advanced, but does need to know how to actually cast a spell. Such as, sending energy out into the universe.

Spell Casting

First, write the persons name down on a small piece of paper. Fill the Jar up with water. (Not all the way, unless you want to jar to go smash oh crash). Place the peice of paper at the bottom with the name facing down.

Imagine that energy of the person being sucked into the jar, and place the cap/top on of the jar. Imagaine your energy surrounding the jar with a aura like figure, like you do not want something in the jar to escape.

Recite: "With this spell I put you on Ice, of all time in remains Frozen, And with this spell I put your own Natenis back to you three times fold, by the law of karma, harm no others but the one named one."
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