Basic Energy Gathering


Silent place
Complete concentration


This is a very beginner friendly spell where you gather all your energy between your hands and by that you are making an energy ball. It is really good exercise for people to later being able to make a fire ball.

Spell Casting

1) Sit in a quiet place where you might as well could be meditating, and where no one can interrupt you during the process.

2) Place your hands in front of you and imagine them holding a ball. So they sort of shapes an invisible ball.

3) Breathe very slowly, and focus on your breath. How you are inhaling and exhaling.

4) Now that you are COMPLETELY relaxed. Still focusing on the invisible ball between your hands. You are now going to close you eyes, visualize a white ball of light in your solar plexus. If you are doing it right you should feel the light as energy, and you should be able to feel the energy inside of you. A warm feeling.

5) Visualize the light (energy) going through your body, out through your left arm, your left hand and out. Make the energy move slowly out your arm so you can feel the energy leaving a trace of warmth wherever it goes. Feel the warmth before you let the energy ball move further.

6) Visualize the energy ball going through your hand and feel the warmth going through the hand and out of the palm with a weird stretching feeling. Now you should be able to feel a little bit of warmth on the right hand as well. The reason being is that the ball is between your hands and like a fire, you can feel the warmth from it.

7) Concentrate as long as there is still warmth in your body and most important; between your hands. Still have your eyes closed under the whole process from when you closed them. When you are not able to feel any energy or warmth between your fingers, the energy has left you, and you should press the invisible ball you made with your hands into a little tiny hole. Lay your arms on your legs and relax for further a little time just to end the process. Now you're just gonna open your eyes.

ATTENTION: If it dosen't work it's not because magick dosen't exist or something like that. It's just because your working with energy and that you need complete concentration to move energy from the earth around. It will work if you practice. And sometimes it works the first time which it did for me. A simple thing such as controlling energy, i would not call magick. It's just a way of controlling the things around you. Very simple :) Good luck.
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