Turn Into Fairy or Fly


1 flower petal of your favourite colour
A few drops of warm water
Small container with lid that has a hole in
Nice smelling liquid soap


This spell will turn you into a fairy or a fly.

Spell Casting

Get your container and take the lid off. Then, put the petal in the container. Next, put a few drops of the warm water ( no more than 5 ) in the container with the petal. Put one squeeze/squirt/drop of the soap in the container. Put the lid with the hole on, on the top of the container. 

Put the container on the window sill ( the ledge next to the window incase you didn't know ).
Then on the day of a full or new moon ( best done at 8:00pm ) cover the hole of the container with your hand and say these words 3x:

"Dear (your dream power) Gods and Goddesses, I wish to have the power of (your dream power) and have wings the colour of (favourite colour). I have used a flower petal of the flower: (flower the petal came from) and wish you to let me be a fairy. This is my wish, so mote it be".

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