Love Drawing Spell


Come to me oil or wash
win over male or female of choice amulet
attract a lover oil or amulet
love incense
three red candles
paper and pen
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To draw love to you

Spell Casting

Anoint the red candles with the attraction and come to me oil or wash. Light the candles and set them up to form a triangle. Light two candles but before lighting the last one, put on an amulet. Burn love incense. On the piece of paper draw what you would want your lover to look like. Then, around the image draw words differently with different types of fonts (such as bubble words, cursive, print, etc.) write the qualities that you want in your lover both physically and personality. (Such as green eyes, brunette, 6"2", outgoing, humble, compassionate, down to earth, laid back, polite, etc.) Chant:
"I draw this love to me so real. Awaken and exist as I create you. Come to me for we are meant to be. We will meet to fall in love. It is you that I call upon, I'm calling out to you. A love so true this is my wish, as I will it, so mote it be!"
Then blow out the candles one by one.
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