Sirens Love Song


Bowl of water
salt or sea salt
music of a siren (any song you choose)
1 pink candle
Rose Quartz


An enchanting spell to lure in the guy you want. It's a come to me spell.

Spell Casting

In the bowl of water add three pinches of salt. Light a pink candle and place it in front of the bowl. Hold a rose quartz in the palms of your hands as if your hands are a shell holding a pearl. Play the song and chant:
"The call of the siren reaches out to you awakening off of your senses. Your soul can hear the sirens song of love. Come to me (full name) and fall for me. My love you can not resist. The beauty of a pearl and soft as a dove. The waves of the sea just like our love. With this song you will come to me, miss me, and dream of me. With this spell my love is irresistible. As I will it, so mote it be!"
Blow out the candle and keep the rose quartz with you until you no longer feel the need to.
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