Spirital Connection


A survival instinct
Time spent in the wilderness
A animal spirit guide
1 White Candle


*An Important note. To perform this you must either live off nothing but the land, giving back to it for weeks at a time until you have an animal spirit guide you. *Another one. It only translates into French. If translated into English it is jibberish. The language was made that way so simple European men couldn't crack their language unless let in upon the secret. Modern day however is still unknown by me. Try it yourself.

Spell Casting

After meeting the requirements above, chant this in a dimly lit room with only one white candle.

Ouvre mes yeux sur les esprits au-dessus.
Voir celles qui marchent le monde donné de la Terre Mère.
Me connecter à eux.
Je vous demande créateur de faire de moi, un pont entre les mondes.
Je vous remercie.

Close the ceremony with licking your index finger and thumb. Proceed to extinguish the flame. Carry the candle aound your domain (House, cave, anywhere really.) letting the smoke flow around.

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