Banish Lucifer


Your own blood

Paper with the spell on it

A match

Three black candles

A white rose


A spell to banish Lucifer morning star

Spell Casting

Read from the piece of paper out loud bless the match with a blazing seal
Light the candles and after you read it out loud
Burn the paper

Lucifer I called thy name stand for in face to judgment you are the oldest in the truest sense of evil before my Lord my Savior prepare Lucifer cast you to the depths of hell so you never to return this world 5 pillars of fire 9 colors of salt little baby remember 7 pentagrams in a circle I call unto my Lord and Savior and the Archangel Michael the and the Angel Azazel for delivery of your soul from this world give me thine strength oh lord I pray unto thee give me the strength to power the energy to perform your will in the seven seals the True Cross 9 Pillars of fire I banish thee from this world Satan Amen
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