Chi Energy Exercise


Energy flow


A way to flow energy to become physically stronger, this is a shaolin kung fu energy exercise, and know this this is a real thing this exercise when used repeatedly for years with enough physical exercise as well has been known to make you able to break bricks.

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This is a chi exercise, this is how you become stronger and manipulate energy to become stronger physically. This has been proven to be a very real thing, kung fu artists have been known to break bricks and boards using this exercise, however I highly suggest you do not break a board nor break a brick without proper training from a martial art master. Well here's how you become stronger, first you go into a horse riding stance, the horse riding stance when you are doing it properly you should look like you riding a horse on a saddle. You make the horse riding stance by spreading your legs shoulder width apart from each other and you must bend your legs just slightly making it look like you are riding a horse. Then while in this stance when your arms are down to your hips, slowly raise them up, your palms of your hands should be facing upwards, so your wrist should be bent to where your hands are facing towards the skies, your hands should look like a tiger claw, anyways raise your hands upwards towards the skies while raising your hands up you should be flexing your arms, once your elbows are bent while raising your hands upward then you continue by pushing your arms outward, while pushing outward flex and feel as if you are pushing something something away from you with you arms. After you have done this energy should rush through your body and you should feel powerful, stronger, energetic, and your arms should feel warm, so here's a summary how to do this exercise.

Start out with arms by your hips,
push arms upward while hands are a tiger fist pointing towards the air, remember to flex and feel as though you are pushing something,
once arms are bent push arms outward while flexing, feel as though you are pushing something. The more you feel as though you are pushing something while flexing you should gain more energy and power.
Remember to do this exercise slowly, the slower you do it the stronger it becomes. Hope it works, this exercise will teach you how to manipulate energy in order to become powerful. this will also build your chi energy and your aura. blessed be!
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