To gain Energy




To provide some self-energizing

Spell Casting

This spell requires direct sunlight, either outdoors, of indoors at a south facing window. Make yourself a tea that includes solar herbs such as cinnamon, cloves, orange, or lemon. (You may use citrus juice it you don't want some- thing hot.) You will need some sort of solar stone, such as citrine or yellow tiger's-eye. Hold the stone up to the sunlight in your dominant hand, and hold the drink in your other hand. Say: "
Helios Apollo, Sun-God, Healer, strengthen me with your light."<\b><\i> Visualize the sunlight pouring into you, washing through you, especially your heart and solar plexus, and into both the drink and the stone. Drop the stone into the beverage, drink the beverage as quickly as is comfortable. Put the cup down and sit and soak up sunlight for as long as you can.
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