Candle *optional
Incense *optional
Sacrafice *optional


This spell has been found in the original Spell library of the witches of many years ago. It's not necessarily a spell, but it's a chant to the goddess Artemis/Diana to send her wolven children to help you gain your 'wolf status'.

Spell Casting

Before saying the chant, you may choose to light a candle and incense to set the tone. If you want to give an offering to Artemis, now is the time.

Dianæ hic placitum meum
apparebit est vere credo,
fac mihi lupus.
quid mihi opus est ut '

Da mihi virtutem nocte derivare
et ego ero imperare animo mutationem voluntatis
habebo virtúte
Ego me inveniet
ego me
et mihi est lupus
Diana exaudi orationem meam
Hoc ego postulo

prope est, ut sciam periculum
sensus validior est videre et audire.
Ego creaturae noctis
transeatur quando Luna est dextera
mitte filii vestri
filii tui wolven
ad me mordeant
da mihi virtutem
mutare me
unum nos facere
sic fiat"

Side Effects

  • strength
  • eye colour change
  • speed
  • sharper teeth
  • wanting to be outside more
  • and of course, more hair

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