House Blessing


Grind the following together in a spice mill or using
a mortar and pestle:
1/4 c sea salt
1/4 c lavender
1/4 c rosemary
2 Tablespoons peppermint
1 tsp angelica
A small pinch of dragon's blood resin and/or sandalwood


This blend protects, purifies, seals.

Spell Casting

Try to get as fine a powder as you can. Combine with 1 cup baking soda in a jar and shake until thoroughly combined. Scatter over your carpets and allow to sit for several hours and absorb negative energy (as well as funky smells from pets and what have you) before vacuuming up. On a wood or tile floor sweep the debris into a single bowl and then flush down running water if possible. Sea salt, of course, gives its grounding energy to the mix, and is a basic purifier as well as a consecrating agent. Lavender is known for its loving properties and healing
compounds, as well as its peaceful scent. Rosemary is
much the same, but also has a strong protective component.
The peppermint further strengthens the mix; all three together
are antimicrobial and anti-critter but won't bother your
companion animals. Neither will the angelica, which is
edible--but also a strong banisher of negative energy.
The dragon's blood resin or sandalwood pack a good
hard energetic wallop; I call dragon's blood the Cosmic
Can of Whoopass. A little goes a long way, and it can
stain your carpets so go easy on it.
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