Love Binding Spell


1 red/pink candle
1 needle
1 spool of red/pink thread
1 picture of yourself
1 picture of your lover

Red pen (optional)
Red/pink lipstick (optional)


A simple love spell It may or may not work If you believe, then anything can happen

Spell Casting

Sit cross legged in an open area If you believe in calling on the gods to help you, recite this before casting the spell - I, (Insert your name here), call upon Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, to aid me with this spell. If not, just skip that part. First light the candle and find your inner peace. Next, you'll need to put the picture face to face. If they are not somewhat even, you'll need to trim them before the spell. (( PS. Thread the needle before too!)) Recite the following spell over and over until you are done sewing the edges of the paper together - Red hot love, burn bright in the sky We are connected, make this ship fly I know I love him(or her), I hope (s)he loves me too Ours hearts are as one, we will make do True love, find me So mote it be - If you had called upon Aphrodite, finish up by saying this - Aphrodite, I release you. Thank you for your help. Blessed be. After that, blow out the candle and drip a small bit of the wax onto the paper. If you can, before it dries, trace the wax into a heart. If not, just draw a heart with a red pen or pink/red lipstick Put the sewn paper in a powerful place. I put mine in my chest that holds all my spell casting equipment. Message me if this works Blessed be. <3
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