Cat Protection Bag


1 small velvet bag (color of the cat)
Stones:amethyst and tigers eye are needed
1 medium size bag (8" long,5" tall)
Powdered catnip (wild recommended)
Rosemary (2 parts)
1 green candle (health)
1 pink candle (love)
2 candles(color of your element)
The fur of your cat


This spell will show you how to prepare a bag to protect your cat.

Spell Casting

Set out all your items.Take the small velvet bag and put the stones in.Say "for protection" and put them in. Next,take the catnip and mix it with the fur. Say "for playfulness and happiness" and sprinkle it in the bag.

Now, take the rosemary. Take it apart leaf by leaf. Say "from me to (name of cat)" and put it in.Take the paper and pen/pencil and write a little message/blessing to your will get it in its mind if it thinks of you. bless it with candle magic and think of him/her as you do.

When you're done say 'blessed be ____" and put the paper in.
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