Positive Energy


Candles x5 (One to represent each point on a pentacle. Ex: Orange for fire, blue for water, etc.)


A ritual to create positive energy

Spell Casting

Start at 9 PM. Find a good room that can only be entered though a door(in other words, not an open room)and has at least one window. A bedroom is fine.

Open all windows in the room (Do not open windows if it is raining, freezing outside, etc. Just make sure the moon shines though.

Exit the room, tightly locking the door behind you. Don't enter the room for 3 hours. (make sure no one else enters either!)

To Perform
It should now be 12 AM. Reenter the room you locked earlier. Sprinkle salt into the shape of a pentacle. Place each candle in its designated spot. (Counterclockwise from top: Soul, Air, Earth, Fire, Water)

Light each candle. Sit cross-legged in the center of the pentacle, facing the Soul candle. Close your eyes. You must be completely relaxed to perform this correctly, so mediate for bit, until you feel you are relaxed.

Picture the positive energy as a glowing white ball of light. Now imagine yourself. Imagine the negative energy as a black slime dripping out of your pores into a puddle on the floor. After all the negative energy has left your body, imagine the ball of positive energy being absorbed by the negative energy, turning it into white, positive energy, creating a new, bigger ball of energy. Imagine the ball spitting up into sparkling dust, covering your body. Some people feel a bit of tingling throughout their body. This is normal. After you have absorbed the energy, open your eyes.

Blow out the candles in the same order you lit them. Leave the room, being careful not to break to pentacle or knock over any candles. Lock the room.

Return to the room at noon. Clean up all the salt and the candles, disposing them immediately.


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