Personal Cleansing


Bath oils


Wash away negativity.

Spell Casting

Choose candles according to your personal and daily preferences, I have found that any will work. Run a bath withas hot of water as you can stand. If you prefer, this ritual can be done in the shower. Use whatever bath oils work for you.Visualize all the day's negative energies surrounding you as you get into the water.

Then, visualize all that negativity being removed from your self by the water. Focus on your candle flames, meditate on cleansing your self. When the water has cooled to the point of being uncomfortable, pull the stopper, and say these words: "Drain away these pains and troubles, as does this water pure and free. Take with it all this day's distress. As I will, so mote it be!"

Dry yourself off and rub your preferred cream onto your body to protect you from negativity over the night. Prepare to sleep well!
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