Tree Spirit


Sword or wand


Spell to summon the tree spirit or leshii tree demon.

Spell Casting

Summoning the tree spirit spell

Walk in a circle 7 times and begin with standing towards the east and with each circle say " I summon the tree spirit". Speak to the spirit as if it was actually there present to empower the spell greater with your voice. Then once you are done with that tell the spirit what you want to happen.

Once you are done with walking and saying "I summon the tree spirit" then you give energy within the circle with either your hands or mind a sphere of energy, but don't forget to stand outside of the circle in order for the spirit to not attack and or to keep it bound to your power. Then say " Use the energy that I gave you in order to do my bidding to bind this person ( or to do any other purpose)"

Now then you should have a wand or a sword present and make a pentagram pointing upwards and downwards, this pentagram means use spirit over matter and matter over spirit, on the purpose spiritually and physically, does not mean it will turn you into anything. Then after doing the pentagram point and step forward: this causes the spirit to go and do what you have commanded

And if the spirit comes back and says " What if I don't want to do this" or defies you in any way say " in the power of seven leave and do what I have said". The power of seven is the power of God controlling the spirit, and the secret is after saying that is to say in your mind " The power of God controls you to do what I have said". The spirit will immediately leave, the power of seven the meaning to different beliefs is the power of luck, chance, and the power of the number of the days of the week, but whatever works for you will work out.
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