Increase Illusion Effectiveness


A wand (optional)


This will show you how to increase the effectiveness of Illusion, or Trick Spells.

Spell Casting

After you cast an Illusion Spell, or before, I prefer after, as you can see what spell you want to strengthen, instead of having to remember how the spell goes and all, empty your mind, even of the spell.

Then, imagine the spell taking effect, but only it taking effect. Once you have this, you must see the consequences of the spell, how it would effect the real world.

After that, you must see what the target was, such as the kid at the end of the block, or time, or the Earth, whatever it was.After this, meditate on the spell.

Note: You can do this as many times as you like, and it should stack the effects, but remember that the universe can intervene at any time and remove one or all stacks.
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