Become an Angel


Coloring tools


This spell will turn you into an angel. This spell might work. If it doesn't work, no bad messages please. I don't know if it will work.

Spell Casting

Draw you in the paper. Then, add wings to your body and a halo. Color in the wings and halo. You can color in your body if you want.
Fold the paper hamburger style.
Write your info as an angel.
Fold the paper again.
Say aloud abd write, "Angels, angels, angels, I wish to be an angel.I want to be a(n) ______ angel. My wing color will be _____. And my powers will be ______. God, grant me my wish to be, I want to be an angel. So Mote It Be."
Fold the paper again.
Draw a pentagram or a pentacle.
Fold it once more.
Every night, for three nights, chant, "God, please let me be the angel I wish to be." Now, kiss the paper and put it under your pillow. As you fall asleep, dream of you being an angel.
NOTE: Once when you have chanted the three nights, you have sealed the deal and you can't start over.

Side Effects:
Your halo will form over your head.
Your shoulder blade area will change to the color you chose.
Your wings will sprout.

You will feel all the symptoms, so you will feel nauseous, you'll get headaches, and backaches. I wish you the best of luck!
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