Demonic Seal


Blood of target
5 black long narrow candles
Demon seal rune
1-5 white candles ( depends on # of casters )
Magic wand


This spell sends the target's soul to tartarus and traps them in cronos' belly loke the gods were

Spell Casting

Place the demon seal rune in the target's blood. Then place the jar of blood in the middle of pentagram. Place the black candles on the points of the pentagram. Then hold the white candle and the wand and chant the following spell 3 times

"Blood of red give birth to right
And seal away this person's might
Demons above and below
Will heal and hurt every toe
To every hair in their head
Fill this person with eternal dread "

Then light the candles and say

"This is my will so be it may"

And extinguish the candles with the targets blood
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