Werewolf Spell


1 White Candle (Moon)
1 Black Candle (Night)
1 Red Candle (Power)
Night (10pm-12am)


This spell is to change yourself into a werewolf. I don't believe that you would fully change into a werewolf like in the films, you will be similar though.

Spell Casting

Sit cross-legged and get the candles. Place the red one just by your feet, the white one to the left of you, and the black one to the right of you. Begin to meditate. After around 5 minutes light the white candle and say:

This candle represents the moon. May I be able to shift when I please, as long as I am under its light.

Light the black candle and say:
This candle represents the night. My invisibility cloak, may I stay out of the gaze of humans.

Light the red candle and say:
This candle represents my strength and power. May I be able to tap into it and access my inner wolf.

Meditate again for a further 5 minutes, while doing so, visualize yourself becoming a werewolf.

Chant this once:

Goddess, Goddess of the night,
Stalking, hunting out of sight,
Please lend me your robe of furs,
And the teeth as sharp as daggers,
Goddess, Goddess of the night,
Eyes of gold, and teeth of white.

Side Effects:
Getting hairier
Getting angrier
Back ache
Tooth ache
Muscle ache (especially arms and legs)
Eyes changing colour
Prefer being outside
Sharper teeth

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