Summon a Spirit


Inverted Pentagram Amulet (optional-for protection)
In a quiet place (i.e. a graveyard)
Night-time (11pm-1am)
Something that resembles the spirit being summoned
3 or more people needed to do the spell


I only recommend this spell to people who are familiar in necromancy. If you get haunted, don't blame me! I warned you!

Spell Casting

Go to your quiet place, the spell is at its strongest at midnight. Sit cross-legged, in a circle, and place the item in front of you. The eldest in the group needs to start thinking of the spirit coming to talk to you. You should start to feel something when the spirit gets near, it depends on the spirit, but you will definitely know when it gets to you.
Ask them a question, or just start to talk to it. Try not to aggravate the spirit. If you have good telepathy skills, then you will be able to talk to them wherever and whenever. Otherwise the spirit will just contact you in your dreams.

Good Luck!
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