Fae Walking


A calm mind


Allows the soul to exist between the living world and the dream world.

Spell Casting

First, make sure your crown chakra is open and at least 40% active.

1) Cast a circle
2) Meditate and clear your mind. Try to balance yourself between conscious and deep sleep.
3) Once you gain this balance, say "As I step between the worlds, all may see my soul's wind twirl. Breaking at the veil's cold seal, and pressing into all that's real. Taking what I can let pass, make it so time leaves fast. I can feel Death's cold grasp, so keep me in Sleep's warm cast."

You now walk between the two plains. It does however wear off. After you fall into deep sleep, you will need to re-cast to walk between plains again.

(This is a re-write of my original. The title was wrong due to my mac using auto correct.)
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