Call Me Now


Some incense
A pink or orange candle
Attraction/Come to Me oil


To cause a person to call you.

Spell Casting

Burn Attraction or Come to Me incense and a pink or orange candle anointed with Attraction or Come to Me oil. Tape the person's name to the bottom of the telephone and anoint the phone also with the oil. Visualize them picking up the phone and dialing your number and yourself answering. They should call you within 30 minutes.

Occasionally, due to circumstances on their end, it may take a bit longer. But, if anyone else calls in that time, you must start over. After the person has called you, do not forget to take their name off the bottom of the phone! Obviously, do not to do this spell just because you feel like talking to somebody. Only when it's very important to contact them and you have no other way to reach them.
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