A Vampire Spell


Night (between 10pm and 1am)
Full Moon/ New Moon
Red/ Black candle (optional)


This is one of the most well-known vampire spells on the internet. An easy first spell upload.

Spell Casting

You can be either inside or out for this spell, it doesn't really matter. If you are casting this spell inside though, it would be best to have a window open, so the moon is in full sight.
Say this 10 times with a clear voice.


Blood Red, Pale Skin,
Moonlight, Draw Me In,
Quench My Thirst,
Coursing Veins,
Let My Body Feel No Pain.

Side Effects:
Sore throat - Burning sensation
Sensitive to sun
Stomach ache
Toothe ache
Craving for blood
Change of sleeping patterns

Heightened senses
Pre-cognitive visions

*NOTE you will only be slightly better at these abilities than just average humans*

Smooth, porcelain-like skin
Eye Colour change (Not drastic just a slight change)
More beautiful (Better looking to average human)
Little to no sleep needed
Hair will get darker/lighter (eg. brunettes go dark brown/black. dirty blondes go light blonde)
Canines go sharper
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