Become An Animal


Ruler (regular or phone built)


This spell will turn you into an animal. Message me if the spell works.

Spell Casting

Draw the animal that you want to be. Color in the animal. Since this is your animal, you can pick any animal you want, even the color! Make the height and length of your animal with your ruler. Example 1 in.=1ft

Fold the paper hamburger style. Write down your info. Fold the paper hamburger style again. Write down the following, "God, please let me be the animal I wish to be." Fold the paper hamburger style. Draw a pentagram. Fold it once more.

Now every night, for three nights, chant only once, "God, please let me be the animal I wish to be." Kiss the paper and put it under your pillow. As you fall asleep, dream of you being your animal. Once you've chanted the three nights, you have made the deal and you can't reverse.
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